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  1. Neoxus REALMS offers a SaaS-based (Software as a Service) digital publishing solution that allows you to quickly develop and publish new applications using a variety of interesting GUI frameworks without knowing any programming.
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    Firegraphic is a very intuitive graphic viewer and editor that can meet the needs of both professionals and beginners, when it comes to conveying the quality of an image or video at their highest values possible.
    The first aspect that makes an impression on the user is surely the application’s functionality and its reaction rate, having that usually both graphic editor and viewer tools take a considerably longer time opening up that other applications due to their numerous toolbars and high-resolution.
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  3. on 06/30/2020 – 08:12Last edited 06/30/2020 – 09:11 by 1 other user

    It seems the latest update to 2020.4 has slipped, from 06 to 30

    Right clicking on smartphone STB panel (I.e adding a 2nd Storage) seems to stop working, only way I know how, is to restart it.

    3 G band is very limited

    No support for slow roast, which would be useful for https://inesetkhar.weebly.com

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  4. ■ Internet connection for synchronizing
    ■ Basic Flash knowledge
    ■ Track Balance and Pitch included
    What’s new:
    Version 1.9.2
    – several minor fixes
    – better UI
    – new audible level indicator
    – bigger pitch wheels
    – new sound banks (more tracks included)
    Version 1.8.6
    – few minor issues fixed
    Version 1.5.3
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  5. Programs such as iTunes and Apple Music come with features that allow users to sync their playlists, home collections and, well, listen to their favorite artists. Now, this article tells you how to use the iTunes song and music libraries to quickly find music and get them to your phone’s inbox and playlists.

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    When you install an application on your computer through the Windows Store, Windows system ensures that the OS enters a restricted mode. This protection measures regulate access to the application. In fact, if a taskbar button or an icon is present in the system tray, the OS will prevent your application from displaying an icon or application window.

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  7. Some of xLauncher features are:

    7 hotkey panel – easy to use and customize your own hotkeys.
    Quick list – see all your tasks in just one click.
    Tray bar – useful and easy way to launch your favorite programs.
    System tray – timer and notification system to keep an eye on your important tasks.

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  8. Q:

    Playn does not save form data

    I have two forms related to the same object. They have the same name but the second form is for searching.
    The problem is that the first form is not being passed and the second form is not being filtered. If I delete this line from the second form it works fine.

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  9. Just select the desired file URL and launch the QR code generator to generate and send the code to the browser of any Android or iOS device.
    Quick URL capture is supported directly from the extension popup, allowing you to easily send it to your mobile device from the PC.
    Privacy consideration
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  10. Simply select your preferred time interval and user accounts to be unlocked by the application; after doing so, one click will unlock the accounts for you. Or if you would like the accounts to be unlocked upon pressing the Apply button, simply activate that scenario.


    Using/Unlocking AD Accounts





    DigitalOcean Website

    Setup GUI

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  14. Change wave speed with the “Speed” parameter, leaving it set to 0 is the default.Use the “Disp/Y” parameter to make the distortion more pronounced or more subtle by manipulating the change factor (“y”, cf. opinion).If you are getting a trashing out, check that you have set the input/output range hints correctly.The version shown here contains multiple host presets which the user can select from a pull-down menu with the parameters.
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  15. Logic
    Inputs and outputs are separately fed to the left, right and centre channels. The surround is fed to all channels. The cross talk matrix is controlled by Pan/Level and Roll. Panning is applied globally (not independently for each channel). Pan output is inversion (via inverting the sum into the Pan and Level).
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